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 on my way out shortly to another gig.


wish me luck.


Dec. 20th, 2014 06:53 pm
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 yes still alive

busy as can be.

tonight it is too early for me to get ready for my gig - although I will be doing so shortly.

Serena is on a diet of ONLY kangaroo meat.  the kibble is kangaroo and potato.  it seems to have taken care of the other wise constant diarrhea.
any attempt at introducing other foods - results in the loose poop.  so yeah -not doing that.
other than that she is approximately 1 yr old now and a terror.  she's friendly but afraid of other dogs on leashes - thanks to our neighbours schnauzer that attacked her in her first week here.  Whenever I think we are making progress and improving this - we run into him again and it all comes back.

Marcus and I are starting training with a new trainer in January.  the old trainer was making things worse, the next trainer was making some progress but she is retiring at the end of December.  He is terrified of people.  and he is too young to be terrified his entire life.

Gig tonight.  hope it goes well.  Still teaching.  not loving it.  not sure if I want to quit.  Have a NYE gig too.  not sure about that one.


I'm sorry I fell off the face of the earth.  Maybe I'll try to go back to posting more often.

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 Yeah so Serena is STILL Sick. 

All parasite tests are currently negative but she is not improving.  

The pain meds have the panosteitis under control for the most part but I have to wonder if they aren't contributing to the unending rounds of loose stool.

I had 4 nights in a row where I was permitted to sleep through the night - but as of last night we are back to the the 3 am emergency let me outside I need to poop NOW thing.

We are also attempting a less than strict protein isolation regimen.  We are isolating to a single meat protein.  Only lamb at the moment.  We've taken her off - beef, chicken, peanut butter and all treats - with the exception of pumpkin and sweet potato. Also no wheat.  I don't know what to do.  She's still a puppy so I can't really do a full out allergy regimen where they get only one food and NO treats for 12 weeks.  It doesn't help that Marcus still needs to get treats for exercise and training purposes.  I thought we were going to have a full out revolt on Saturday at puppy class where everyone else is getting liver and awesomeness and we were using pumpkin treats.  She was unimpressed.

what the heck is wrong with this dog anyway?  


Jun. 13th, 2014 03:24 pm
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 yes - have been very busy with the new puppy.  6 mos old probably.  supposedly part newf part pyr.  if you haven't already seen her on Facebook I promise to post something here sooner or later.

just got home from a dance gig with the troupe.  taught us all a very important lesson on the difference between Nursing Home and Retirement Home.  BIG difference.  it was still a lot of fun and passable from a dance perspective. 

having lunch now and it is 3:30 - to the music of a squeaky toy - amusing.

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 the last dog - that we were going to adopt fell through. 

this one is about to fall through also.

or - well - I don't feel right about it. so I may decide to pass on it.

She is a young pyr/newf mix.  which is great.  but I don't know exactly how old. - other than young.   and I don't know exactly how big. other than big.

The PROBLEM is that she is currently in TEXAS!

which is fine, because they are planning to transport her to Ohio.  but NOT fine because she will not be in Ohio until we 100% commit to this little girl.

so we don't get to test drive the car basically.  we won't see what her personality is like, we won't know if she is healthy or if Marcus even likes her.    and it just feels like a huge commitment based on... what might or might not be a photo I've seen briefly on the internet. 

The other potential is a drive down to Indiana for the weekend, one weekend, whenever,  visit with a couple of pyr girls, pick one of the three and drive home the next day. 

VOTE now!

Also part of the equation-   the girl in Texas was pulled from a shelter, and is currently in a kennel with 15 dogs.  the three in Indiana are currently in foster homes - (unknown situations but likely house dog setting) 

also - please offer a quick prayer to St. Jude so I can find my missing eyeglasses.  Cause i'm an idiot and misplaced the dang things - again. 


Apr. 29th, 2014 03:49 pm
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.what little doggie?

I think I may have just applied to adopt a dog.

I sent an inquiry.

we'll see how it goes.
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 I have two unpleasant tasks to do and I keep putting them off.  

I need to come up with some sort of incentive to do them.....

the first - I'm afraid to do  - which is silly - and the longer I put it off the worse it is.  
the second -  I should do it and it will be nothing - it just involves a phone call and a long unpleasant drive. 

attempted #1 - phone call done.  no help.  bummer.  I'm going to reach out to someone else and see if she has any advice.  but at least I tried.

attempted #2 - person is not in today- I'll have to try tomorrow - shit - I have no car tomorrow.  - dang!  Guess I will have to do it today.  and just have to hope that it works out. 
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 I am so tired of not being able to find my good bras.  I had three and two of them have vanished leaving me with a drawer full of crappy ill fitting, cheap, badly made leftovers.

I am tossing them all out and replacing them with the bras I bought today.  

(okay - two of them are expensive and two were cheapies but... might be okay or at least they fit better than the ones in the drawer full of junk, 
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I thought it was funny and wanted to save it for later - you might think it is funny too. Some of it is out of date but...

you are addicted to the internet when )


Apr. 2nd, 2014 02:28 pm
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 I decided to push the vaccum around since i'm not accomplishing much of anything else today.

and I popped the trim off the door by bumping it with the vacuum.  Attempting to nail it back into place just resulted in a bunch of bent nails.  Taking the door off its hinges is a task I think I should leave for another day.

AND one of my students can't make it to the next performance.  Unfortunately she was the ONE student I was planning to have do a solo - I'm just so - over it - everything - these days.

Can't anything go right?

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 so I ordered a pair of wings for my niece.  cheapies but - no big deal.  they were okay.

then I ordered a SECOND set.  same vendor for my other niece.  so they could do a duet.  I have been waiting over a month for them to arrive.  They are here finally and of such poor quality... I can't believe it.  I was expecting the same item.  - I am so - ticked off. 
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 Marcus is still sick.   the only difference the pepto made is that the "product" is black instead of brown.  

but he's still happy and chipper  - silly little goof.  

I'd be more worried if he was sad and listless.  

the rest of my life is sh*t too so really what's a little more coming out of the end of my dog?  
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 Marcus is really sick.  I mean really really sick.  that really terrible liquid diarrhea. 

the problem is - it could be one of about a hundred things making him ill. 

the raw chicken on Saturday.
something he picked up walking the trail on Sunday
the cooked beef hearts (that I cooked into jerky treats) on sunday
the chicken juice on Sunday night.... is what I would suspect if it had cleared up - but since it is hanging on... I don't know what to do

I tried some immodium (which was the Brack's my old vet's cure for diarrhea)
I'm going to go with pepto later today.  which is the current vet's recommendation.   just pepto is liquid and have you ever tried giving 4.5 tablespoons  teaspoons of pepto to a dog?  good luck with that one.  

so apart from that - he's still drinking water and still running around the yard and barking at the neighbours and he trotted along and was happy enough on our walk this morning. 

I have an appt to see the vet - but it isn't until tomorrow afternoon and really - diarrhea in dogs should have run it's course by then.   so if it hasn't i guess we'll be grateful for the appt. 

teaspoons=/=  tablespoons  so glad I double checked that with the internet - tablespoons seemed an awful lot!


Mar. 28th, 2014 04:04 pm
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how many copies of the Aeneid do I really need?

and how did I acquire 3 different versions?
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 Snow day today!  

YEAH I got to stay home, go back to bed for a little extra sleep this morning

but - I spent much of the afternoon struggling with either my out of date bookkeeping (so that I can eventually prepare to turn in my paperwork to the tax accountant)

OR - attempting to make beef liver jerky treats for Marcus.

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 foul miserable grumpy mood and trust me - you don't want to hear about it....

maybe tomorrow i can be civil.
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 my new bathing suit arrived ALREADY

the shorts fit - although if I could have tried it on in person I might have gone for the M instead of the L - they fit okay.  not worth returning.  

but the top is the most unflattering thing I think I have ever worn in my entire life.
it makes everything below the bustline look HUGE.  and I have a nice belly - so it is NOT me.   even if i do feel like I've not been exercising enough lately.  and speaking of bustline - it does nothing for my bust either.   I may shorten the top.  or I might just never wear it.  or maybe I'll look at returning it and get some bikini tops instead.  
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 Not only did Marcus catch himself another vole tonight but... he caught it and shook it and threw it up in the air, and let it go and caught it again and repeat for about 10 minutes or more.  

I think this dog may be part C A T? 
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 okay not really a massacre.  just one fatality.

Marcus hunted, caught and ATE a mouse? vole? small rodent in the snow last night.  and was very proud of himself.

what a good boy!  
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I was putting some of Daisy's stuff away in a box today  and it knocked Daisy's collar and tags off the top of the box to the floor.  And little Marcus jumped up from where he was sleeping and came running over.  

now he's making sad little moaning noises.  

I wonder if he is missing Daisy or if he thought that sound meant we were going for a walk. 

(and we aren't because I'm leaving to make a grocery run in 2 seconds.) 

either way - poor puppy.

oh and Happy Valentine's Day to you all.  


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