Apr. 1st, 2014

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 Marcus is really sick.  I mean really really sick.  that really terrible liquid diarrhea. 

the problem is - it could be one of about a hundred things making him ill. 

the raw chicken on Saturday.
something he picked up walking the trail on Sunday
the cooked beef hearts (that I cooked into jerky treats) on sunday
the chicken juice on Sunday night.... is what I would suspect if it had cleared up - but since it is hanging on... I don't know what to do

I tried some immodium (which was the Brack's my old vet's cure for diarrhea)
I'm going to go with pepto later today.  which is the current vet's recommendation.   just pepto is liquid and have you ever tried giving 4.5 tablespoons  teaspoons of pepto to a dog?  good luck with that one.  

so apart from that - he's still drinking water and still running around the yard and barking at the neighbours and he trotted along and was happy enough on our walk this morning. 

I have an appt to see the vet - but it isn't until tomorrow afternoon and really - diarrhea in dogs should have run it's course by then.   so if it hasn't i guess we'll be grateful for the appt. 

teaspoons=/=  tablespoons  so glad I double checked that with the internet - tablespoons seemed an awful lot!


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