Apr. 2nd, 2014

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 Marcus is still sick.   the only difference the pepto made is that the "product" is black instead of brown.  

but he's still happy and chipper  - silly little goof.  

I'd be more worried if he was sad and listless.  

the rest of my life is sh*t too so really what's a little more coming out of the end of my dog?  
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 so I ordered a pair of wings for my niece.  cheapies but - no big deal.  they were okay.

then I ordered a SECOND set.  same vendor for my other niece.  so they could do a duet.  I have been waiting over a month for them to arrive.  They are here finally and of such poor quality... I can't believe it.  I was expecting the same item.  - I am so - ticked off. 


Apr. 2nd, 2014 02:28 pm
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 I decided to push the vaccum around since i'm not accomplishing much of anything else today.

and I popped the trim off the door by bumping it with the vacuum.  Attempting to nail it back into place just resulted in a bunch of bent nails.  Taking the door off its hinges is a task I think I should leave for another day.

AND one of my students can't make it to the next performance.  Unfortunately she was the ONE student I was planning to have do a solo - I'm just so - over it - everything - these days.

Can't anything go right?


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