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 the last dog - that we were going to adopt fell through. 

this one is about to fall through also.

or - well - I don't feel right about it. so I may decide to pass on it.

She is a young pyr/newf mix.  which is great.  but I don't know exactly how old. - other than young.   and I don't know exactly how big. other than big.

The PROBLEM is that she is currently in TEXAS!

which is fine, because they are planning to transport her to Ohio.  but NOT fine because she will not be in Ohio until we 100% commit to this little girl.

so we don't get to test drive the car basically.  we won't see what her personality is like, we won't know if she is healthy or if Marcus even likes her.    and it just feels like a huge commitment based on... what might or might not be a photo I've seen briefly on the internet. 

The other potential is a drive down to Indiana for the weekend, one weekend, whenever,  visit with a couple of pyr girls, pick one of the three and drive home the next day. 

VOTE now!

Also part of the equation-   the girl in Texas was pulled from a shelter, and is currently in a kennel with 15 dogs.  the three in Indiana are currently in foster homes - (unknown situations but likely house dog setting) 

also - please offer a quick prayer to St. Jude so I can find my missing eyeglasses.  Cause i'm an idiot and misplaced the dang things - again. 


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