Feb. 13th, 2014 03:05 pm
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 anyone have any ideas on how I can get that Marcus to come in the house and STAY in the house!  

he just wants to be outside today!  I know it is a semi nice day but.... seriously puppy you have been outside LONG enough!

Vote now!

Feb. 13th, 2014 08:00 am
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I got an email advertisement for Old Navy this morning.  offering me 15% off - not a huge sale - but they had 'swimwear' in the photo ...

and  I would really like a new bathing suit for taking Marcus swimming.
the one I have now - the one piece - doesn't fit great - I got it at a clearance sale and it is too short in the body and uncomfortable.  so it is that or I wear a bikini and I always feel weird in a bikini in their pool with my dog -  even in a t-shirt and then - towelling Marcus off afterwards either suit I feel like my butt is exposed.  I've tried wearing men's swim shorts but they feel really yucky on my legs in the pool and I still have to wear a suit underneath. 

and Old Navy had - tankini's  and I could order boy short style bottoms - give me a little more coverage.

I'd rather try it on in person - but... I'm willing to order online.
I picked out my items - but now I am wondering if black is boring and I'd rather go for a coloured option..... 

VOTE now!  Boring black - or brightly coloured.!
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we have had more than enough snow. 

I really should get to work on my taxes.  so that the accountant has no excuses.  

I just hate working on my books.  no matter what system I use.  the best system for me is actually pen and paper - but - it is a horrid system for printed reports.  

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 things are pretty dreary around here.  J is missing Daisy a lot.  he doesn't want me to put away her things.  so her beds and leash and medicines and all her other belongings are still in place as if she was just outside.  It is driving me crazy.  I'm a fine one to talk however, Pandora has been gone for almost two years and I still haven't cleaned her nose prints off the window in my truck.  But I didn't leave all her stuff lying out like this.

I've been picking up some hours at the post office.  Miserable time of year for it too.  but hey

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 Daisy had a bad day.  I ended up having to put her harness on her to get her inside this morning after her breakfast.  AND she tried to bite me.  Her back legs are collapsing pretty bad underneath her weight.  She was moving a little better in the afternoon but collapsed again in the evening.  At least J is finally starting to accept it might be time to let her go..

I bought Marcus new boots - I didn't know whether to get him L or XL because he seems to be in the middle for measurements - too bad neither of them really worked.  I  tried the xl boots again this morning.  the back boots stay on - the front boots do not.  Same as the reaction with the size L boots.  I don't know what to do next - Try Pandora's booties on his front feet? 
Dentist.  I've apparently cracked 3 of my back molar fillings by grinding my teeth at night.  I have to go in and have them fixed next week.  He also wants me to get fitted for a night guard - I refused.  I can't sleep as it is.  the night boots for my plantar fasciitis are bad enough I'm not messing around with a night guard for my teeth also.  
... I think that covers it. 


Jan. 22nd, 2014 03:59 pm
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 there were things I wanted to say today - but I can't think of any of them at the moment.

maybe if I remember any of them... 

what next?

Jan. 21st, 2014 03:55 pm
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 so... you all know that Daisy isn't doing terribly well.

she's starting to have a lot of trouble with her legs - It's not bad enough that I have to help her go outside and help her come back into the house but it is now to the point that she's unable to keep her balance when she pees.  She does have her chiropractic appointment tomorrow - so that might help somewhat.

to be honest - it will be a relief to me when J finally says good bye to her. 

She and I shared house space - but we never really bonded.  I was too wounded (in my heart) when she joined our family and she has just been a lot of torture for me.  My life runs around her schedule.  Get up - give Daisy her meds - wait one hour - give Daisy her breakfast and the rest of her morning meds, get her outside so she can do her business - get her back in because she can't handle the ramps on her own.  Don't leave in the morning or Get home quick because Daisy gets more meds with her lunch meal at 1pm.  And evening... well give pills and wait one hour to give her evening meal.  Help her in, help her out - same old same old.  Change the sheets on her bed - about every other day.  

and expensive.  Daisy - is very expensive - all these drugs and chiropractic......... holy cow.  Talk about needing to win the lottery!  sheesh.

So I was chatting with a friend today and she was asking me what our future plans were - were we going to get another dog - a puppy? an afult? a rescue? a purebred?  what breed were we looking at?  

I've had 2 purebreds and 3 rescues.  One of the rescues worked out - the other two - not so much.  I'm kind of thinking purebred.  It costs more for the registered show dog - but - in the long run - cheaper in terms of heart ache.  And you know what you are getting.  Marcus is so shy and fearful.  I've never had a Pyrenees like this - it must come from some other factor in his lineage.  I don't understand.  

J has been talking about a newf - because a dog that likes to swim might be a good companion for Marcus.  but... on the other hand - then I'd have two WET dogs I'd need to deal with  and it might really suck to have one dog that loves to swim, and one dog that HATES swimming but has to do it for hip reasons.  

and Marcus is fearful of dogs that are larger than he is.  so probably we should go puppy - not adult.  And will having a puppy interfere with the time I need to spend working with Marcus on his exercises and keeping his hips healthy. 

I don't really know. 

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 I'm just feeling sad today.

no particular reason.

but in keeping with my resolution to post on week days - here I am.

my printer is ........busted?  I don't know exactly.  I put a no-name cartridge in it a couple weeks ago and last week it started behaving badly and this weekend it stopped working entirely.

I'm going to try a name brand cartridge and if that doesn't work - I guess I'll be looking at new printers.

time to change clothes and teach.  I think that is my problem today - I'm not looking forward to classes this session.  bummer.

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 in keeping with my efforts to post on a daily basis....

hmmm.  I bought a really nice black pencil skirt today -and in honour of that fact I'm going to throw out all the old office attire I still have from the late 90's when I wore that kind of thing.  (Don't know why I was keeping it for the one or two times a year I wear such stuff)

and I had a really fun party last night - where I turned down an opportunity to perform at a wedding.  I just don't like performing at weddings and I'm not sorry.  I LOVE bachelorette parties.  Hate weddings.  sue me.

unfortunately - tomorrow I'm doing the post office thing out in Woodslee.  I hate that postion - but she caught me at a week moment and I said yes - wish I'd said no - but... I'm going to use this as an opportunity to remember what I hate about working with her next time she calls.  

And it's snowing.  and the roads suck.  and they are going to make us go out and deliver the mail tomorrow anyway.  Hopefully conditions improve by morning. 

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 had a bizarre encounter today.

I was walking Marcus in a public park with a walking trail.  During the day.  Kids are in school.  It's winter.  Not a lot of people around.  We go there because - sometimes we run into other dogs and he gets to say hello.  or - whatever.  it's away from salt and roads and cars.  It's a change.

back to the point.

I keep Marcus leashed but I don't really fuss about making him walk in tight heel position.  He sniffs out squirrels and rabbits and other critters. So he generally wanders from one side of the path to the other.  but generally he walks up the left side of the path.  When I see someone I generally pull him tight to my side and either put him in wait position or sometimes I try for a sit.  - I'm trying to teach him to ignore people he doesn't know.

Now I actually prefer that he walk  on my left.  After my shoulder injury - my left is the stronger side and it allows me to keep him further away from people we don't know.  AND if we were walking on a street - Left keeps him further away from cars when we are walking toward oncoming traffic.

I had a guy - STOP US on our walk to give me Hell for walking on the wrong side of the path.  I'm apparently being inconsiderate, rude and irresponsible by walking on the wrong side.  I should be treating the path like a roadway, and observe common courtesy and walk on the right side of the path.  By disobeying this convention - I could cause accidents - don't cha know.

Strangely enough - I'm really upset by the encounter.  In a way I suppose he is correct.  but on the other hand - who the hell cares?  It's a walking path, in the winter? I think in all the miles of trail that exist in this park - we saw.... 4 maybe, 5 people total?  

Did it spoil my walk- yeah actually - it did.
In fact it rather spoiled my whole day - and I let it.  which is the bigger issue.  Why am I letting this MORON upset me over something so stupid?

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 so we decided to send for a dog dna kit (for our Christmas gift)  just for fun and see what it would tell us about Marcus.

he is NOT a purebred - no surprise there

what did it show? 

He is a Level 2 Gr Pyr (37-74% of his dna)
Level 4 Bulldog (10-20%)
Level 4 Bearded Collie (10-20%)
given that 74% of Bulldogs suffer from hip dysplasia and he farts like a champ... I suppose we can weigh that pretty heavy in his genetic make up.  and we cans say we definitely know where the hip dysplasia is from.  
His willingness to do his exercises and follow directions must be from his Bearded Collie side as they make great agility dogs apparently
Both of them weigh in at the 40-60 lb range so that explains the smaller size, Marcus is currently 85 lbs and I don't anticipate him getting much larger.  Unfortunately both also have relatively short life expectancy - especially the bulldog. 

none of this explains his profound shyness and his reluctance to interact with strangers.  He's a very shy and fearful dog - I've been wondering if it wasn't due to the hip dysplasia pain associated with socialization period.  

oh well.

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I think my goal for this year is to become an alcoholic.

too bad I don't really drink.  and I hate having a hangover.  I guess that one's out.

Daisy isn't doing very well - I think she might make it until next week - but maybe not.  
I think the fact that Daisy is doing so poorly is what had J and I at each other's throats most of the weekend.  

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 Couldn't find my glasses.  period.  

Discovered that I ripped my NEW parka - the parka that I finally got after searching for a new one for at least 4 yrs.  My old one was probably 20 yrs old? and noticeably worn - and it had a rip in the lining where it leaked feathers periodically despite the fact that I patched it at the time.  I walk my dog(s) every day no matter the weather so it really is important that I find a good warm one.  
So looks like I will be doing an iron on patch over the rip and back to the drawing board to hunt down a new one.  Unfortunately this rip is in the front and extremely visible so I'm going to look  ~fabulous~  as I go about town this winter.  

but... on the bright side I did manage to locate my glasses.  

AND I still have some emergency chocolate.

I emailed J to tell him how my day was going - he thinks with my luck I should probably stay home.  (and off the roads)

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 so while I was listening to music today.... part of which was a celebration of Elvis' birthday.  YES TODAY.

and looking at music for the next session of dance classes.

I started the dishwasher.
I went to the bathroom.  JUST No,#1.
I washed my hands and left the room.

fast forward... oh I don't know... 20 minutes?  what the hell is that water running noise?  boy the dishwasher is making a lot of noise.

do you see where this is going?

yeah - so the toilet on the 2nd floor overflowed.  and flooded - the bathroom, the carpet outside the bathroom,  dripped THROUGH the ceiling into the living room below AND through the heating ducts into the BASEMENT into the area where Jeff stores all his tools AND my dance space.

I have now spent 4 hours cleaning up.

The carpet is still wet.  The living room is mostly okay it didn't get too bad although it looks like I may have to repaint in there.  AND **** only knows what the end result will be in the bsmt - but I'm done.    

Yeah so - pour me the Economy sized glass of wine and make it a double.  I'm exhausted.
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 must be a new year......ha.

still housebound.  after the avalanche of snow we got.  I did try to go out yesterday but with the icy road conditions I ended up doing a 180 in an intersection - no - NO one was hurt.  No vehicles No nothing.  It just scared me - so I decided to turn around and go home and stay there.  I took Marcus out for a walk today and decided to stay home again today.

So in my endless query to the vast internet intelligence...........

here are two questions for you.

How many pairs of non-usuable yoga pants should I keep?  I have yoga pants that I wear strictly for teaching.  And then there are the older ones that I keep for bumming around in.  Either they have stains - or they are getting threadbare in the butt or the seams.  They could be designated sleep wear or   under snowpants walking the dog wear, but if I do that - they'll get mixed up with my teaching gear and seriously - I don't want to accidentally be wearing something with a hole in the crotch to teach.  So - 2? 4? none? what? 

Also - For BellyDancers - 

Eddie the Sheik - got an opinion on his best album?  I have enough on my iTunes to get one album (until the snow melts and I can pick up a new iTunes card) ... and I can't decide.   Or just chime in with your favourite album.  I'm looking for new music.

That's it - my two questions of the day.  

oh and if you are looking for a follow up on yesterday's post - I went back and added something to the post.

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 Packed up and put away what little I got out - the big hindrance being that I store Christmas in the same under the stairs closet that all my bellydance decor is in.  And what a huge load of stuff that is!

But - I found out something very funny - the original Santa coat that I bought for Pandora (used in a thrift store)  is the same size - before ALTERATIONS as the one that I just made for Marcus.  of course I did insert some fabric pieces in it to make it fit Pandora. 

Struck me as very funny - that's all.  Maybe one day I'll reverse the changes and Marcus can wear it.

is it over?

Jan. 1st, 2014 01:22 pm
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I am trying to decide between resolutions

either deleting or abandoning social media entirely  (as in Facebook and Google + and the like) not journals - although I don't post often anymore.

OR resolving to post daily. 

I have some stalker thing that is starting on Google+  I might have to start blocking people or at least being more careful about public posts - which defeats the use of it for business purposes.

and Facebook just irritates the crap out of me.

Holidays have been dull and dreary. But I'm reading lots and resting my foot - so hopefully I'm giving it lots of time for healing. 

So Happy New Year.  Chime in if you have an opinion.

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 I was just going through the proof copy of the calendar.

decided to count up the photos to make sure I'd used all of them.

there were 44 entries submitted.

so how did I end up with 45 pictures?

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over the weekend I was chatting with the Guelph/Kitchener gals about an amazing workshop that is happening the LAST weekend in April. 
I haven't been able to go to this in the past because it is usually one of our most important, multi day charity shows of the year.  but I was told that last year was the last year and there would be no repeat.  So I was pretty excited about being able to go. 

 I just found out that Detroit Raqs is hosting JIM FREAKIN BOZ the first weekend in MAY.  (and there will be other awesome instructors as well.)

How the hell do I
a) afford both of these weekends with show/hotel/meal/shopping
b) manage to go away for TWO weekends in a ROW.   Seriously?  J & Marcus are not going to like that.  Heck I'm pretty sure MY body isn't going to like it either.

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 had a great weekend apart from rabid monkeys in the pool making gd-awful amounts of noise.  

my feet survived.

I would write a long post about the awesome classes and instructors but I am short on time today.... maybe later this week?

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