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forgot my bug spray
they tried putting us NEXT to the BAND. - are you kidding? if the band is playing how are we going to hear OUR music?
and the recent rains... we danced on grass,  and potholes, and straw laid down to absorb the wet.
I forgot at least one section of every choreography... but that's okay.
Mosquitoes & SWEAT & dusk... do I need to say anything else?

all my dancers showed up.
no one broke anything, pulled anything
we ended up in a fairly decent spot on the pathway - so lots of 'exposure'

and  - it was fun.

although I was a little grumpy & irritable with everyone. but I get like that when I can't control EVERY DAMN THING!

It's over & I'm going to have some dinner now.

hopefully got some nice photos.... :)
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Most of the stuff gathered.
Flyers printed.  need to grab more business cards.

need to do hair, makeup & get dressed.

currently running the disc. to test it.  I'm a little worried about the player but... *fingers crossed it behaves*  I'm torn over bringing one I know is too small but works and one that is bigger & louder but is fussy.  as in doesn't always work.


remember breathe in and out.
& pack water for the girls.
have everyone's veil. 
cameras & tripod!

It'll be fine - right?


Jun. 4th, 2010 12:07 pm
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Pandora is so sick poor dear.

She's loaded with meds now and sleeping it off.   Wish I could grab some more sleep.

Instead I need to finish this costume top & get the sword to stick on my head because... I'm dancing at Belle River High School tonight.

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HEY [livejournal.com profile] sacramentalist 

it looks like my parade application has been approved.

my dancers will be in the Fun Fest parade.

You can ostensibly come to Essex for the parade but secretly you'd be stalking us
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Briefly describe your parade entry: (band, walking group, float, motorized car/truck, musical, animal, skipping, bike etc.)

Okay then...

Motorized vehicle - with recorded music.  Modestly dressed belly dancers to walk (dance) along side and behind vehicle.  Veil, Wings or other safe dance props may be used.


Please give me a performance slot

Dear -----

I have been offering belly dance classes in the town of Essex since 2006.  My students and I regularly perform at charity events including Essex District High School's Cultural Diversity Night, Relay for Life (Kingsville), and recently at a Breast Cancer Awareness function in Harrow.  I would like to expand our performance experience to include the Essex Fun Fest if possible.  We have both solo and group performances and can provide family friendly entertainment lasting between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your requirements what performance time slots are available.  We use recorded music, have modestly costumed performers, many of whom are Essex residents and would be happy to volunteer our services for this event this year.   Please feel free to contact me further to discuss availability and other details. 


anything else I should add?  I know they want to know when we can make it.  and what we charge if at all. but... in lieu of the fact that we haven't done this before...and I'm applying rather late (event is July 8-10)  I'm thinking...just send it ASAP  and...cross my fingers?


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