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No I still don't have my own sword.  Yes I am still practicing with my mentor's sword but...it isn't really me. and I want one of my own.

I was sending an email to a friend....and making a list of all the swords I had been looking at online...

I went over to Kult of Athena's website and discover that the Cas Iberia is marked down.  to $140.  (with $30 shipping to Canada.)

Now ... this is not really the sword that I wanted

I wanted something like this... Dragon Scimitar - KofA   out of stock or this
Balanced Scimitar -Fire by Riz -  which oddly enough looks identical to the above (in April I was told this was out of stock)

or there's always Kittie Sparkle - also out of stock.

I went and looked at a Moorish Scimitar at the Essex Fun Fest ... but he's asking $90 (although KofA wants...$40 for it)  -so not terrible, no shipping, I get to try it and hey he's got to make a living too.  It balanced all right - had a leather sheath but pain it the < blank > to get it in and out....  but I'm thinking if I'm going to plunk down $90 on a scimitar style... why not the Cas Iberia?

**edit to add**

well I just emailed Riz to inquire about availability.  If it continues to be on back order I may just get the Cas Iberia.

***MORE to add**

Tentative decision.  I'm going to head down for another look at the Moorish sword at the local faire.  I'll have DH take a picture of it on my head.  If I like the way it looks - proportional to the rest of my body etc.  I'll buy it.  It is a nice looking sword and no worries about shipping, customs, delays, out of stock etc. etc. 


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